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Thank you so much for your interest in offering Ezra Creative Co. to your customers!

Ezra Creative Co. offers consignment to retailers within the greater Nashville, TN area and wholesale to everyone else. Please note our order minimum of $100 for wholesale and our production time is 2-3 weeks, depending on the product you order. For more information, please fill out the form below and include the following information (serious inquiries only please):

  • Your name
  • Business name and location
  • Business website and social links



Please read the following terms and conditions if you're interested in taking on Ezra Creative Co. as a local consignor.


Terms and Conditions for Consigning with Ezra Creative Co.

1. Ezra Creative Co. (Consignor) will turn over goods, which will remain the property of the Consignee (local retail location) until goods are sold or after 6 months.

2. Consignee operates a retail store and agrees to make his/her best effort to sell Ezra Creative Co.'s goods within the store and online, including Consignee's website and social media outlets. Consignee agrees to tag Ezra Creative Co. in all social media posts featuring Ezra Creative Co.'s goods as a show of support for a local artist.

3. Consignee agrees to return to Ezra Creative Co. any unsold merchandise if unsold after 6 months, or upon request. The goods must be returned in brand new condition, unless this is impossible due to shopper damage.

4. Consignee agrees to sell the goods at the price points given by Ezra Creative Co., and Ezra Creative Co. reserves the right to adjust price points as needed.

5. Consignee agrees that all proceeds due, minus [xx%] commission (percentage available upon request), will be available to Ezra Creative Co. no later than the 10th of every month. Consignee agrees to contact Ezra Creative Co. via text or email when check is available, and will include sale records for all items sold. If Ezra Creative Co. fails to claim check within 30 days from date of notification, Ezra Creative Co. forfeits profits.

6. Ezra Creative Co. reserves the right to list all custom orders designed by her that of which were placed through Consignee's retail location on her online shop.

7. Consignee understands that all designs and goods are owned by Ezra Creative Co. unless otherwise requested in writing.

8. If Consignee has suggestions for designs for Ezra Creative Co., Ezra Creative Co. will consider all suggestions but reserves the right to create goods based on her artistic preferences.

9. If Consignee wishes to have Ezra Creative Co. create goods designed by Consignee, Consignee understands that these items will only be available via wholesale and Consignee must pay for these items in advance and also must provide their branding for aforementioned commissioned designs.

10. Consignee understands that Ezra Creative Co. reserves the right to offer goods in whatever dimensions she wishes. If Consignee prefers specific dimensions on any goods, Consignee is responsible for purchasing those goods wholesale and must pay for these items in advance.

11. Consignee agrees to inform Ezra Creative Co. via email when inventory is low so that she can produce replenishment merchandise before goods are out of stock.

12. This agreement can be terminated by either Ezra Creative Co. or Consignee at any time and for any reason, with 30 days written notice.