from 100.00

Our e-commerce package starts at $500 and includes:

  • Up to 25 product listings, including importing product photos, descriptions, multiple styles, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Designing the checkout page
  • Connecting shipping to product listings
  • Setting up coupon codes
  • Setting up state sales tax codes
  • Adding return and exchange policies
  • Designing customer notification emails
  • Instructions on how to connect the shop to your bank for deposits
  • Instructions on how to add/edit/remove/hide/duplicate product listing

Photos and text are supplied by client. 

Work will not begin on your website until your deposit is submitted. Installment #1 is due one month from the date of deposit received. Installment #2 is due at the end of the second month. You will be emailed notifications to be reminded when payment is due. If project requires more than 2 months to complete, additional charges may apply.

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